The CUSTOM 7312 mouthguard

Custom graphics. Custom fit. Custom performance. This boil and bite mouthguard features technology exclusively available to Soldier Sports. All sports. All ages. With or without braces.


Heads UP Sensor

This easy-to-use device fits securely in the ear hole of any football helmet and beeps to alert the player when he lowers his head to an unsafe downward/ forward position of 90° perpendicular to the ground.




“The CUSTOM 7312 mouthguard is thin and sleek. It makes essential communication easy, while keeping me protected.



Soldier Sports had the idea of creating a mouthguard for military combatives who needed maximum protection and comfort with the ability to communicate clearly. Countless hours of research and development led to the development of 7312: a proprietary high-impact absorbing material that could replicate the air-tight lock of a custom fit mouthguard.

So, the CUSTOM 7312 mouthguard was born and quickly caught the attention of Special Forces Green Beret, Karl Erickson, who thought we had something special on our hands.

After receiving rave reviews from Karl and many other soldiers, the question had to be asked: If the CUSTOM 7312 can provide the protection, comfort, breathability, and speakability needed by military personnel, why not make it available to professional athletes?

So we field tested the mouthguard at the highest level of sports and what we found was remarkable. Pro boxer Bud Crawford asked to try the CUSTOM 7312 and loved it. He wore it in his first title fight, where he became the Lightweight Boxing Champion of the World. From there, it caught on like wildfire. Athletes from all disciplines were asking for the CUSTOM 7312 and loving it.

We knew we needed to make this product available to all athletes, at all levels, across all sports. So we did, and the CUSTOM 7312 Mouthguard continues to live up to its reputation.

Now that we’d entered the impact sports market, we quickly realized that head injuries are the single most pressing issue in sports. Naturally, Soldier Sports wanted to help and decided to introduce the Heads UP Sensor: a device that fits in the ear hole of any football helmet. It alerts the player if he has lowered his head to an unsafe downward/forward position.

This device acts as a coach in your ear, providing real-time feedback that reminds you to lead with your chest: in an eyes up, chin up position. It reinforces proper tackling, blocking, and ball-carrying techniques. The Heads UP Sensor teaches players at all levels a safer, smarter game.

Soldier Sports was created by individuals who have been inventing, patenting, and improving sports safety products for years. We will be releasing two new game changing products each year, so keep an eye on us.

Terence Crawford: CUSTOM MouthguardOn March 1, 2014 Bud Crawford was the first athlete to wear a our Soldier Sports boil and bite “custom” mouthguard in competition. On that day, Bud became the Lightweight WBO Champion when he defeated Ricky Burns in Glasgow, Scotland and Soldier Sports knew it had something special.




For every CUSTOM 7312 MOUTHGUARD sold, Soldier Sports donates a portion of that sale to Special Operations Wounded Warriors (SOWW).

It is the belief of SOWW that we truly can make a difference in the life of a service member who has chosen to put their safety at risk while defending our freedoms and that has suffered personal injury in that endeavor. SOWW feels that there is not a more deserving group of individuals than our Special Operation Forces members that frequently stand in harm’s way for the protection of our freedoms, often with little or no recognition.

These men and women pay not only a physical and mental price during their service to our Country; some have paid the ultimate price, for their fellow man. For those that return home, often with the never fading scars of their conquests, SOWW exists to demonstrate our Country’s appreciation for their efforts and contributions. It is our objective to help bridge the gap from military service to the enjoyment of the freedoms that they fought so courageously to defend.

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“The mouthguard fits perfect and the graphics are incredible.”



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Robert Mathis demands the Heads UP Sensor

“The Heads UP Sensor is like having a coach in your ear, making sure you play the game the proper way: with your head UP! A lot of great players are injured because of improper leading with their head tackling, ball-carrying, or blocking. This device must be worn by pro players all the way down to 5 years olds. Coaches and parents, make sure your children have the Heads UP Sensor on their helmets this year.”



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